Wrong coins from China
Wrong coins from China

Wrong coins from China.

We see that we find wrong coins in every monetary system.

China, as a country known for its strict order and discipline where mistakes are severely punished, also has a human factor that has allowed the wrong coins to appear on the market.

Error expert claims that in the earlier coins from the beginning of the century and before there are more errors and this is understandable, because in the early coins weight and metal are important.

In China, shapeless metal bars are often used for trade. In the ancient world, metal was important. Today, coin detectors are finding it increasingly difficult to detect modern coin errors because there is so much control.

Chinese flawed coins are rare because they have a hole to fix them. This hole is often asked why it is on the coin. This is most often explained by the fact that a rope is passed through it and so they are easier to carry. While in Europe at that time they used a leather bag for coins. Here are some extremely rare images of Chinese coins from the beginning of the last century.

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Source: Mint Error News