The coins say: The Queen with the Adam’s apple ‘Large outwards Adam’s apple’

MISSTRIKE ERROR COINS – Large outwards Adam’s apple ’..

Coins talk, but sometimes they make fun, other times they tell different stories. This story is about a coin sold by an auction house that stamped a coin. It is a rare case for a coin to earn a nickname so it becomes recognizable in numismatic circles.

‘Large outwards Adam’s apple’
The coin has its own history. In 1993, Prime Minister John Major announced reforms to the royal finances, including an income tax for the Queen after 1993 and a reduction in the Civil List (individuals paid by the government). Followed by cuts to civilians is often said that the royal family is greedy and to sit on them this money then appears and this monetary error of which the Queen Mother on the neck has a matrix defect that resembles a male genitalia.

Jokes and taunts begin in this small circle, but gossip spreads, and a trusted loyalist of the royal family collects the coin from the man named William, who composed the story, and so the mockery, though in one company only in a small circle, stops. The Queen Mother said in an unusually personal speech that same year that every institution should expect criticism, but suggested that this be done with a sense of humor, moderation and understanding. Antique dealers like to interpret the stories and adapt them to each other, so one sells this coin for 500 pounds to another.

‘Large outwards Adam’s apple’
He later died and the coin passed to his heirs and, along with many others, was sold, but without its history, without the memory of it, for small money to a merchant from America. Thus, the coin ended up in the depots of a large auction house where the appraisers did not pay the necessary attention, but still put a label: “Large outwards Adam’s apple ‘and so the coin was put up for sale with the following description: England- House of Windsor (1910) – Elizabeth (1952) “Large outwards Adam’s apple ‘..

The coin was bought by a collector from Eastern Europe whose name we will keep secret. He provided us with photos and information about the history of this coin, claiming that he had been contacted by a gentleman from England who had seen the coin and knew the history from his neighbor and had asked for pictures of the coin from the collector.

That’s how her story is learned. Personally, I publish this story, but I don’t believe it to be true, but rather a well-written story inspired by a children’s tale – there are queens and apples in them, right? Or maybe it’s an advertising gimmick to create interesting stories to publish so that auction houses get free advertising, and the best advertising is the one that is spread by word of mouth. Otherwise, why would they label a single coin out of the millions sold?

herintag coins ‘Large outwards Adam’s apple’
After all, everything we hear is not true, but someone’s opinion, and everything we see is not true, but our point of view, but one thing is for sure, it is a matrix defect in Queen Victoria’s neck. I will only add that in December 1993, Prince Charles and his wife, Diana, officially separated. The year ended with a lawsuit when the Queen sued the newspaper Dream for copyright infringement because she published a text of her annual Christmas speech two days before it aired. The newspaper was forced to pay a fine and donated £ 200,000 to charity.

‘Large outwards Adam’s apple’
mint error coins ‘Large outwards Adam’s apple’

That it should be known that Buckingham does not like the media to tell particularly obscene and manipulative stories about them. Coins talk, but sometimes we humans embellish what we see and what we hear, and that’s how fake news is born. Do you believe that this is true or is it a manipulation in order to raise the price of a wrong but cheap coin?
We in the editorial office have been leading this debate on this coin for more than a 07month, and although we have our own opinion, we are publishing this story to the general public.
This can be qualified as fake news about a real coin.
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