Fake American dollar – mint error We publish a photo of another counterfeit caught by Stefan Proynov and published on fakeart.eu.

We thank Stefan Proynov for the provided information, with which he warns the entire world numismatic community. This type of forgery is produced in China and is widely circulated as it directly attacks a segment of numismatics, the so-called wrong coins.

The wrong coin segment is gaining more and more popularity worldwide and the prices are constantly increasing and there is no way they will get cheaper unless someone produces wrong coins. There is no such policy at the mints, but the Chinese propaganda machine is targeting US coins. We are witnessing a Hybrid War, which is being waged in all spheres, it has also reached the Numismatic business.

Regardless of whether we engage in politics, politicians and their actions will catch up with us, and we will not be willing or unwilling victims of this information war. In recent years, China has produced huge hundreds of millions of counterfeit coins, with the largest share of more than 76% falling to the American ones.

Naturally, counterfeits are also produced by country, even for small Bulgaria. Worldwide, more and more companies related to numismatics are taking measures to reduce the impact, for example Ebay has not tolerated the sale of replicas for a long time.

Leading certification companies NGC and PGCS monthly publish such forgeries sent to them as originals. In response to the hybrid war, NGC and PGCS have severely restricted the certification of Russian and Chinese coins, and this is taking sides in the hybrid propaganda conflict.

Although suffering financial losses in millions of dollars, they refuse to certify Russian coins and any Chinese ones. Auction houses offer less and less replicas for sale without creating an unnecessary speculative niche, because replicas also have their place under the sun, I say replicas not fakes.

Counterfeiters are inventive and offer all kinds of MINT ERROR coins for genuine ones that look damaged but are rare at the same time. Others are pressed with a combination of two dies Two faces or two backs.

Stefan Proynov: There are enough information channels in the world, if you come across a forgery, alert the public, that’s the only way you’ll discourage counterfeiters, that’s the only way we’ll stop them from making our favorite place toxic.

Stefan Proynov Mint Error coins consultant for Europe

Материалът Stefan Proynov: MINT ERROR FAKE COINS е публикуван за пръв път на Mint Error News.

Source: Mint Error News