Stefan Proynov: Error coin expert for Europe: This year, NGC gave one of their highest grades to a 1962 Bulgarian 1 Lev coin and it turned out to be a MINT ERROR.

From NGC they did not put an inscription on the coin MINT ERROR, but they gave a High grade MS67, which placed the coin in the TOP of this type, only 5 such coins are known with such a grade.

These coins from the year 1962 of the Bulgarian National Bank are the most common and the dies in the mint of Bulgaria – city of Sofia are worn and damaged, therefore they did not give MINT ERROR specifically to this coin.

Because there are quite a few defective ones. You decide for yourself whether there is a MINT ERROR or not?
The coin is presented from the collection of Stefan Proynov, who is also a consultant to Error. News of European.

Stefan Proynov: Error coin expert for Europe – I couldn’t miss this unique coin
I think there is a MINT ERROR, what do you think?

Source: Mint Error News