Spectacular 1794 Doublestrike!
Stefan Proynov: Spectacular 1794 Doublestrike! ⚡⚡ There are no rarity ratings available for error half cents, but this coin is certainly rare! A normally struck 1794 B-2b half cent was partially ejected from the press when another planchet entered the coining chamber on top of the struck coin.

Stefan Proynov:The dies came together again, forcing the second blank into the obverse of this coin, creating the stretched indent that appears on the obverse, and the bold double strike that appears on the reverse. Rarely are we afforded a chance to see border details as they appeared on the coinage dies due to less than perfect centering or other reasons. However, where the two strikes overlap on the reverse, we can see exactly what those individual border denticles looked like. Most early copper collectors are students of minting technology, and examination of this piece will aid that study.

The glossy and lustrous light brown surfaces of this visually dramatic piece show full cartwheel luster with traces of red in the protected areas from an old cleaning. 1794 Normal Head, Small Edge Letters, B-2b, C-2a — Tab Double Strike — MS63 Brown PCGS. Our EAC Grade AU50.

Stefan Proynov: Error coin expert for Europe – I couldn’t miss this unique coin

Source: Mint Error News