Mint error one cent since 1965
Mint error one cent since 1965

Mint error coins. To your attention a coin that is wrong one cent since 1965.

The coin has a large circulation and is heavily crushed on the front.

This defect occurs when the front coin sticks to the upper die and a second side impact occurs.

With this type of American coins, the variety of wrong coins is huge and that is why many of them are offered and their prices are not high.
In this case, we have the imposition of a reverse image on the front image, which should tell us that the other coin that damaged this one is also damaged.

Thus, in practice, with one secondary blow, two wrong one-cent coins with the face of Lincoln from 1965 were born.

This crushed edge of the coin proves that it was mechanically killed by the two dies, thus producing this metal.

Error expert claims that only those people who know the technology of the process of creating a coin can understand what happened at the Mint.

Source: Mint Error News