MINT ERROR AMERIKAN CENT (1843-1857) Mature Head Large Cent -- Struck 30% Mint Errror MS 64
Stefan Proynov:NGC Mint Error MS 64

A remarkable mid-19th century plaited hair center graded NGC Mint Errror MS 64 This cent, struck with a 30% center discount, shows no date. Heritage Auctions is offering this coin, and bidding has already surpassed $2,000.

See the auction it was sold at:
Such coins are very rare, comments Stefan Proynov, MINT ERROR EXPERT FOR EUROPE.
Several such are known, but with a smaller percentage deviation.

This coin was not accidentally offered by because the collector interest in these wrong coins is growing more and more.

Each wrong coin should be considered separately, says Stefan Proynov, because it is unique in itself.

Source: Mint Error News