MINT ERROR – 5 PTAS 1993 coin of St. James

Mint Error coins. The coin is from the period of King Juan Carlos I (1975 – 2001)
Metal alloy Aluminum and bronze
Weight 3 grams
Diameter /17.5
Thickness / 1.9

Reverse / 1993/5
Made in the Spanish mint in Madrid, marked with the symbol M. Circulation / 372,746,000.
UNC quality 30,000
Professional quality / 30,000
Here in this coin we are witnessing many errors in the imprint in all directions of the coin.

This makes it far more interesting than the other known MINT ERROR of this type – 5 pesetas 1993.

Error Expert claims that when there are defects on one side, there are usually defects on the other, but here they are one-sided.

He added that it is usually rare for defects to be distributed on all sides of the coin.
Always seek expert advice. Two opinions are more than one and three opinions are more than two.

The Error Expert praised the coin for its market value due to its many errors. If you liked this post, share it with friends on social media.