5 centimos de escudo - Isabel II
Mint ERROR: Here is a proven error from the Madrid Mint. This type of coin was in circulation from 1865-1858. The fact that they were only in circulation for a year makes them more attractive, but not rarer and more expensive.

The material from which it is made is Bronze with a thickness of 2 mm. and 33 mm in diameter.
Its weight is 12.5 g.
With Catalog Number KM#635, Cal#622

Engraver: Louis Marchioni Hombron with inset engraver’s cuts on Elizabeth’s neck. This coin was not in use because it was scrapped at the Royal Mint.
These types of coins are called proofs because they are struck at the mint itself and then destined to be melted down.

But there is a case where some specimens have left the mint and thus end up on the coin market.
Standard coins of this type trade for a few dollars, but such a coin sells for 500% above the market price, and because there are several such coins, sometimes there is only one, and this makes it unique in itself.

In numismatics, collectors strive for the highest quality coins possible, but there are also collectors of so-called wrong coins, for whom the more wrong a coin is, the rarer it is to find and the value has no list price.

Often coins of this type are not given for certification because proven errors are kept unless you want to know if it is a fake. We hope we have been helpful to you. Expect more news from us.


Source: Mint Error News