Mint. Error 1 Turkish Lira, 2016Mint, Error on a coin from Turkey

commemorative coin in memory of the martyrs of July 15, 2016 (attempted coup in Turkey) Denomination 1 pound, 2016 quality seen in the photo.

Weight / 8.3g. Diameter / 26.15
Thickness / 1.9mm. The coin has a matrix defect in several places.
There is a clear squeaking of the unit in two places.
The defect is on the unit on the front of the coin.

Visible from the photos.

Mint Error 1 Turkish Lira, 2016

This error occurs when the matrix strikes and the core moves slightly.
They are relatively rare but you have to look at the details and then you can see.
We hope you found it useful.

The coin was sold for 350 euros. But the price can be far higher.

Information information: Stefan Proynov mint. terror expert.

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