Majestic Mint Error!
Stefan Proynov: Majestic Mint Error!  Wow, how amazing is this? Rarely are off center errors seen in the Standing Liberty quarter series and this coin is WAY off center!

This rarity is among the most visually dramatic off-center Standing Liberty quarters we have ever offered, and indeed, it is one of the most dramatic known to exist. It is off center approximately 50% toward 7:30. The date is off the flan, but a majority of Liberty and the eagle are present. Equally intriguing is a massive die crack running vertically across Liberty’s chest and neck, indicating that this off-center coin was perhaps struck in the midst of changing out a failed obverse die.

The lustrous surfaces are free from distracting marks, and are attractively toned golden-brown, apple-green, ruby-red, and orange-gold. A knockout error housed in an older style ANACS holder! (1917-1930) Standing Liberty Quarter, Type Two — Struck Off-Center — AU55 ANACS.

Stefan Proynov: Error coin expert for Europe – I couldn’t miss this unique coin

Source: Mint Error News