Mint Error coin with a face value of 25 cents since 1993. of the Queen of the Netherlands Beatrix in circulation since 1982. until 2001
The coin is made round with a serrated edge.
Metal / Nickel.
Weight / 3 grams.
Diameter / 19 millimeters.
1.55 millimeters thick.

On the obverse with the inscription: “BEATRIX KONINGIN DER NEDERLANDEN”.
On the reverse of the coin inscription: 25ct
The Dutch Mint in the city of Utrecht has produced 15,000,000 of which UNC 90,000 Proof 12,000
Especially this coin is in UNC quality, which means that as soon as it was noticed it was separated and was not in circulation.

Error expert argues that such errors are less common, especially in European mints, than in Asian and overseas ones.
There is a second circle on the face, which runs parallel to the inner circle at the very edge.
Sometimes this looks like a refinement of the coin, but it is not because of the sinking of the image that it seems not from external secondary interference.

The Error expert claims that due to their huge circulation these coins do not have a high numismatic value, on the contrary it is low, but at MINT ERROR COINS the prices are much higher and such coins are offered at prices over 100 Euro and above, which makes over 200% of market price.

If you come across such coins that you think are wrong coins, consult and if they turn out to be such, know that their value is many times higher than the market value.
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Source: Mint Error News