Admitted errors in coins.The mints often admit their mistakes. When there are defects in an issue or an error in the tablets, the most common practice is to crush the coins themselves on a special machine and transport them for processing. This is done precisely because of the numismatic market. Such wrong coins are offered and sought after because they are unique in themselves and have a huge collector’s interest.

Today we will introduce you to such mints, which the Mint of the Netherlands in the city of Utrecht recognizes as such. 25 cents in 2000.5 cents in 2001. Price 1991. 1 guilder 1996 25 cents in 1998. 10 cents 2001.

Here are photos from the personal archive of Stefan Proynov Error expert on Tablets at the Dutch Mint.

Tablet for 2 cents.

Tablet for 1 guilder.

This type of monetary error is strictly controlled and should not, in principle, appear on the free numismatic market. But where there is a subjective factor, there is always the possibility of a leak. This is what makes these coins unique and valuable, that their number is small and the circulations in which they can be found are single, which makes them more expensive than the rarest coins.

In order to minimize the sale of such coins with a matrix defect, the mints order machines with which to crush such coins on the spot. If you see a coin pressed in the shape of a waffle, it means that a matrix error has been proven by the mint itself.

Although among numismatists we call them proven mistakes, the certification companies will charge you an additional fee to give you a certificate that says “mint canceled” – canceled by the Mint for a short time, this is a proven mistake. Although these coins have proven to be wrong, you must pay a grade rating fee = an additional viewing fee to receive the “MINT ERROR” ERROR COINS “. Naturally, it is a matter of desire whether or not you want to certify this coin.

Stefan Proynov mint error exsoert; The important thing is that the mint itself, with the scrapping of a coin, has admitted its mistake, and the fact that it is not limited edition makes it unique and unique in itself.

Source: Mint Error News